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Marnie at Three

Hi there, I cannot believe that my baby girl, the one who made me a Mummy, turns 3 today. She is so grown up and still amazes us every day. Here's a little round up of how the last 6 months have been for Miss Marnie. I've said before, and no doubt I'll say it again, Marnie is super stubborn and strong willed. She certainly has her moments but on the whole she is a lovely, good-natured little girl. She is very funny, she's got such a sense of humour and knows how to make us all laugh! Marnie started pre-school back in September and it has been brilliant for her! There is so much for her to do and experience, more than I could give her at home. It's so lovely to see her flourishing and she has made a lovely group of friends there. Most of the time, she is a lovely big sister to Polly! She often looks at her and says 'aww she's so cute!' Now Polly is more mobile (I'll do a one year update on her next month but she is very near

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