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Little Play Town

Hi there,

Little Play Town is a place we have been a few times recently, it is a children's role play centre in Odiham. The 'town' gives children under the age of 6 the opportunity to become a hairdresser, builder, fire fighter, vet and many more!

The venue has a small cafe area where you can purchase drinks and snacks, within this there is a small padded play area for babies and pre-walkers. You then go up a few steps into the main play area which is a large 'L' shaped room with a number of different areas for children to play.

Each section is kitted out with relevant toys and items, such as diggers in the building site, animals in the vets and plenty of food in the lovely farm shop. There is also a hairdressers, fire station (complete with a fire engine and a very fast slide!), ice cream stall, farm and a road with lots of ride on cars.

Marnie's favourite thing is the dressing up costumes! She will put on a pretty dress and then go and race around the road an…

Recipe: Special Pizza

Hi there,

I like to look for different lunch ideas for Marnie otherwise we get stuck in a rut of having sandwiches and crisps. Generally shes a good eater but she does go through fussy spells. One thing that always goes down well is 'Special Pizza'. I don't know about you but I find that giving something a name like 'Special Pizza' Marnie is far more likely to eat it!

Special Pizza is such a simple recipe so can quickly be made up at lunch time.


1 Tortilla Wrap
1 tsp Red Pesto
Handful of grated cheese


Heat a frying pan on the hob - you don't need to use oil. Once warm place a tortilla wrap down on it and spread the red pesto over one half of it.

Sprinkle on the grated cheese and fold in half.

Once the cheese has started to melt flip the wrap over and cook for a couple of minutes on the other side.

To serve I cut it into quarters and serve with some crisps (Marnie will not eat raw vegetables but I often offer them anyway!). Occasionally she will…


Hi there,

So this doesn't fit in with our vegetable theme but I ordered some Aquabeads for Marnie and couldn't wait to play with them!

They are really simple to use, we just poured a cap full in to a tray of water, they take between 4-24 hours to expand. I added a couple more cap fulls at different times so that there were different sized beads for her to play with.

Yes, Marnie is wearing a cream bridesmaids dress whilst playing with them! It is her aunties from when she was little, Marnie often wears it as she wants to look like me in my wedding dress!

I gave Marnie a cup and a big spoon to use with them. Initially she was filling the cup and pouring the beads and water back out.

Then she was using the spoon to scoop up the beads and put them into the cup, or use her hands to pick them up and put them in the cup. She would then push her hand down into the cup to make the beads spill out.

Whilst playing with them Bing was on the television in the background and they were makin…

Wet Woodland Walk at Blackwood Forest

Hi there,

So, I never knew Blackwood Forest even existed but it turns out it is a beautiful spot for a walk just 20 minutes away from my house in Basingstoke. It is actually owned by Forest Holidays who offer 60 luxury cabins on the site however local residents are able to park up and go for walks in the lovely woodland.

Next to the car park is a cafe (which I'm told serves amazing pizza!), cycle hire, a small children's park and a bug hotel!

Despite the awful weather forecast (2 degrees and pouring rain!) we decided to put on our waterproofs and go anyway!

Marnie had a lovely time running about in the woods with Nanny, Grandad and Sherbie. We talked to her about the trees, leaves and moss and she really enjoyed climbing on tree trunks! I was hoping we'd see some mushrooms to link this in with our vegetable theme but we didn't see any.

I took Polly in the sling which I would definitely recommend doing if you have a little one as it is not very pushchair friendly (as yo…

Potato Painting

Hi there,

The theme we are focusing on this week is vegetables. I think we will carry it on into next week too as we've had a few days out, so haven't done as many activities as I would have hoped yet.

The reason I have chosen to focus on vegetables is to encourage Marnie to eat them more! She has always been a good eater but unfortunately over Christmas and New Year she was poorly and ended up becoming a bit of a pain with her meals. The last week or so she has been much better so I thought if we explore vegetables a bit more then it may help!

The first activity we have done is Potato Painting. This is such a simple and easy activity to do and pretty inexpensive.

I was in Mothercare last week when I saw a set of finger paints in pots, I thought these would be perfect for this activity. There were 6 different paints in the set, all lovely bright colours.

This time I kept it simple and just cut a few potatoes in half (mostly because Marnie was excitedly hanging off my leg while…