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Marnie at Two and a Half

Hi there,

Today, Marnie turns two and a half! I thought I would dedicate this post to her.

Marnie is super stubborn and strong willed. I know this will stand her in good stead throughout her life but right now it can be a real pain in the bum! She knows exactly what she wants and a lot of the time there's no reasoning with her. But, she is also the funniest child, she has me laughing so much!

Speech If you have met Marnie or if you follow me on Instagram you will know that she literally never stops talking. Her speech is so good, it is like talking to an adult. I absolutely love that I can have proper conversations with her. Her memory is also amazing, which means she'll start talking about something that happened 6 months ago but she remembers it in perfect detail.

Marnie absolutely loves to sing and dance. She is quite shy about it though so tends to reserve this for when she's at home with us and we have disco's in the kitchen! Shes been walking…

'It should be a head' - Polly's birth story

Hi there,

Today Polly turns 5 months old! I love reading a birth story, so I thought it about time I shared hers...
Sunday 26 November. Six days before my due date and it felt like any other day in the last few weeks of pregnancy. You wonder if today will be the day, but then you realise you've felt like this for the last 27 days. Marnie was 11 days early, so I'd convinced myself if this baby wasn't that early it would be really late.
We'd booked tickets to take Marnie to the cinema that morning. We went to see Olafs Frozen Adventure, the Frozen short and after that the full film was shown. We gave Marnie her compare the meerkat Elsa to take with her, a toy she'd had for a while but not been interested in, however Elsa Meerkat has not left her side since.
We had a lovely time at the cinema, we ate chocolate and had lots of cuddles. After the cinema we went home. Marnie had a nap and I can't remember what I did. Probably had a rest, watched some telly. When Mar…

Day in the Life with Nanny and Grandad

Hi there,

We are very lucky because all Marnie's childcare while I have been working has been either with us or her grandparents. Since she was 10 months old Marnie has spent 2 days a week with my Mum and Dad, Nanny and Grandad. Whilst I am on maternity leave Marnie is still spending one day a week with them so I can take Polly to a class.

This week I asked my mum to write a guest post for my blog about her day with Marnie as they were going to do something very exciting...

I'm delighted to be acting as a guest blogger for The Haymans today to tell you about a lovely morning we've had with Marnie now the Spring weather is finally here.
For Christmas I bought the girls a wooden flower trough each, which I personalised with their names. Marnie was very excited to arrive this morning and find them indoors, immediately spotting the M for Marnie.
Once mummy and Polly had headed off for their baby class, Marnie and I walked to Hook Garden Centre to choose flowers for their boxes. A…

Day in the Life: A Typical Monday

Hi there,

I don't know about you but I absolutely love watching day in the life videos on YouTube. I'm not ready to be on the camera (maybe in the future?!) so I thought I would do a day in the life blog post. If you enjoy this post let me know as I may make it a regular thing!

My husband got up at 6am to go swimming so Polly and I had cuddles in bed for an hour or so then another feed before she went back to sleep.

Marnie slept in until about 8am, so when she woke up we headed downstairs and Marnie put on her new Red Riding Hood dress to eat breakfast in. She had a bowl of wheatabix whilst watching 'bob the train' on YouTube. It's basically a load of children's nursery rhymes sung by a train.

After we got dressed we popped to the shop to pick up a few bits. Marnie was so good walking around the shop and helping me that I let her sit with 'bear'. She absolutely loves this Rupert car, I don't think she knows that if I put money in it moves!

We then p…

Tadpoles for toddlers

Hi there,

There's a new (well probably about 100!) addition to the Hayman house hold.

Yes, we are now proud owners of one tank of tadpoles. My dad has a couple of ponds in his garden and gets frogspawn in one of them every year. We were a little late getting hold of it so they have already hatched.

Marnie was very excited to see the tadpoles. When she first saw the tank she wanted to touch them - I have a massive phobia of fish (I know they are not fish but similar) and more specifically fish out of water or being touched by a fish, so putting fingers in the tank with just Mummy around is a definite no. So, she settled for touching the glass! She talked about them being small, she said 'aww, they're so cute' a lot and told me that they were wiggling.

She knows that they will turn into frogs when they get bigger. I have shown her the life cycle of a frog and plan to print out/draw a version of it so it can be stuck up by the tank for her to look at.

We're not sure i…

Monthly Favourites: March

Hi there,

I thought I would do a post to share our favourite things as a family in March. Mostly its things for Marnie this month, but Polly has a few new bits now so we shall see if they become favourites in April!

Books Every night before bed Marnie has two stories, and every night she chooses the same two stories: Lucie Goose and Duck in the Truck.

Lucie Goose is written journalist Danny Baker and tells the story of Lucie the Goose who lives alone on the very edge of the woods and has never met or spoken to another animal, until one day a wolf turns up at her house. It is a great story about being brave and fearless and Marnie really enjoys it. This book has beautiful illustrations, Marnie loves to pretend to pick the flowers.

Duck in the Truck is by Jez Alborough. It is a rhyming story about a duck whose truck gets stuck in the muck. It has lovely illustrations and Marnie now knows the whole book off by heart, all we have to do is start a sentence and she will complete it. Her favo…

Wellington Country Park Through Marnie's Eyes

Hi there,

A couple of Saturday's ago I wanted to wear Marnie out so she would have a nap and could then stay up a little bit later than usual to see some family that were visiting, so I decided to take the girls to Wellington Country Park with my Mum and Dad and their dog Sherbie.

Marnie decided she wanted to take her camera with her. We got Marnie the VTech Kiddizoom Camera as a present for her second birthday. We had hoped it would be a good thing to get her involved with the new baby that would soon be arriving, however she was a bit too small to work the camera properly at the time. Now that her hands are slightly bigger she has gotten quite good at using the camera. Here are a few photos from her day at Wellington.

I think this camera was a great present for her. She really enjoyed taking photos and it made her really focus and concentrate. She's so used to seeing me use my phone to take photos of her I think she was pleased to be taking photos herself.

In the end my plan…