Wellington Country Park Through Marnie's Eyes

Hi there,

A couple of Saturday's ago I wanted to wear Marnie out so she would have a nap and could then stay up a little bit later than usual to see some family that were visiting, so I decided to take the girls to Wellington Country Park with my Mum and Dad and their dog Sherbie.

Marnie decided she wanted to take her camera with her. We got Marnie the VTech Kiddizoom Camera as a present for her second birthday. We had hoped it would be a good thing to get her involved with the new baby that would soon be arriving, however she was a bit too small to work the camera properly at the time. Now that her hands are slightly bigger she has gotten quite good at using the camera. Here are a few photos from her day at Wellington.

I think this camera was a great present for her. She really enjoyed taking photos and it made her really focus and concentrate. She's so used to seeing me use my phone to take photos of her I think she was pleased to be taking photos herself.

In the end my plan failed and she didn't nap but we still had a lovely day out!



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