Monthly Favourites: March

Hi there,

I thought I would do a post to share our favourite things as a family in March. Mostly its things for Marnie this month, but Polly has a few new bits now so we shall see if they become favourites in April!


Every night before bed Marnie has two stories, and every night she chooses the same two stories: Lucie Goose and Duck in the Truck.

Lucie Goose is written journalist Danny Baker and tells the story of Lucie the Goose who lives alone on the very edge of the woods and has never met or spoken to another animal, until one day a wolf turns up at her house. It is a great story about being brave and fearless and Marnie really enjoys it. This book has beautiful illustrations, Marnie loves to pretend to pick the flowers.

Duck in the Truck is by Jez Alborough. It is a rhyming story about a duck whose truck gets stuck in the muck. It has lovely illustrations and Marnie now knows the whole book off by heart, all we have to do is start a sentence and she will complete it. Her favourite bit is when she gets to shout 'TWANG' very loudly.


This is a bit of a strange one but Marnie now loves milk. She stopped having any milk (other than on cereal or in cooking) over a year ago, but since Polly was born she has been having a cup of milk with a straw in before bed every night. Another favourite is her Disney Princess cup that she has it in, we got it for £1 in Tesco a couple of months ago but I don't think she'd have milk from any other cup!

Fancy Dress

Marnie absolutely loves fancy dress at the moment. Her most favourite thing is to put on a pretty dress and become someone else. I recently got her a Rapunzel dress (complete with a long plait) in Sainsburys reduced to £4.80! She would wear it all day if I'd let her!

Spirit Riding Free

Marnie's favourite thing to watch at the moment is the Netflix Series 'Spirit Riding Free'. It is an animated series based on the film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. It's set in the 19th Century (I did have to look this up - I've always be slightly confused about whether it was set in the past or in the present and just majorly lacking technology!) and is about a girl called Lucky and her horse Spirit. Marnie's favourite episodes are the ones where the girls where pretty dresses (of course!) and she regularly asks for 'Spirit with pretty dresses' while she having her afternoon snack. I won't lie, the theme tune is very catchy!


I went to the cinema a couple of times in March, I finally saw The Greatest Showman (me and the girls have been loving the soundtrack in the car! Makes a change from Frozen or Incy Wincy Spider!) and loved it! I was a bit late to the party with this one as things kept getting in the way from me seeing it but it was definitely worth the wait. We then went as a family (yes, all four of us!) to see Peter Rabbit. My parents got us a cinema voucher for Christmas so we could take Marnie to see something so we were excited to spend it on Peter Rabbit. Our local Vue has been done up so all the seats are super comfy and recline (this was particularly good the previous time we had taken Marnie to the cinema to see Olafs Frozen Adventure - Polly was born later that day!!). We all loved the film, except Polly, who slept on Sam through most of it!

(slightly blurry cinema photo!!!)

What have your favourite things been lately?



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