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Day in the Life with Nanny and Grandad

Hi there,

We are very lucky because all Marnie's childcare while I have been working has been either with us or her grandparents. Since she was 10 months old Marnie has spent 2 days a week with my Mum and Dad, Nanny and Grandad. Whilst I am on maternity leave Marnie is still spending one day a week with them so I can take Polly to a class.

This week I asked my mum to write a guest post for my blog about her day with Marnie as they were going to do something very exciting...

I'm delighted to be acting as a guest blogger for The Haymans today to tell you about a lovely morning we've had with Marnie now the Spring weather is finally here.

For Christmas I bought the girls a wooden flower trough each, which I personalised with their names. Marnie was very excited to arrive this morning and find them indoors, immediately spotting the M for Marnie.

Once mummy and Polly had headed off for their baby class, Marnie and I walked to Hook Garden Centre to choose flowers for their boxes. As there is a lovely cafe and children's play room, we had a snack and play before going outside to look at the flowers. 

Marnie wanted pink ones so she was drawn to the tiny Bicopa, a trailing bedding plant I'd never seen before.  We also chose a multicoloured box of viola. Marnie said the purple ones were for Polly.

Marnie carefully carried one tray of plants to the till where she told the man about her box with M for Marnie. He helped us load a bag of compost under the buggy and put the plants in a bag for Marnie to carry home. She held them all the way, talking about the colours and saying they were beautiful. However, she did think the purple viola with a yellow centre looked like a monster!  We talked about the soil and watering plants to make them grow. 

When we got home Marnie took the plants out to the garden and put them with the boxes by her playhouse. We had to wait for grandad to get home to drill some holes in the bottom for drainage. Marnie found this fascinating, jumping with excitement when the drill was on and counting the holes.

She then helped grandad plant up the boxes, pouring in and patting down the soil and choosing the plants for each hole he dug. Marnie isn't a fan of dirty hands and kept showing me hers but accepted they would get washed when we were all finished.

Marnie's favourite bit was watering the plants. She asked for her blue watering can that she plays with in the bath here and crouched down to water every plant in both boxes. She was then very happy to have her hands washed and put on her favourite dressing up costume because, of course, the flowers have turned this into Snow White' s house!

Thank you to my lovely Mum for writing this blog post, and for doing such a lovely activity with Marnie. To read more from my Mum head over to her blog Raggy Rose.

Do your little ones get to spend lots of time with their grandparents?



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