Day in the Life: A Typical Monday

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I don't know about you but I absolutely love watching day in the life videos on YouTube. I'm not ready to be on the camera (maybe in the future?!) so I thought I would do a day in the life blog post. If you enjoy this post let me know as I may make it a regular thing!

My husband got up at 6am to go swimming so Polly and I had cuddles in bed for an hour or so then another feed before she went back to sleep.

Marnie slept in until about 8am, so when she woke up we headed downstairs and Marnie put on her new Red Riding Hood dress to eat breakfast in. She had a bowl of wheatabix whilst watching 'bob the train' on YouTube. It's basically a load of children's nursery rhymes sung by a train.

After we got dressed we popped to the shop to pick up a few bits. Marnie was so good walking around the shop and helping me that I let her sit with 'bear'. She absolutely loves this Rupert car, I don't think she knows that if I put money in it moves!

We then popped into the cafe to get a snack for Marnie and some breakfast for me (we had run out of bread hence our trip to the shop!) I treated Marnie to an iced bun - she just ate the icing! I had avocado on toast. Polly just sat in her pram wondering what was going on. While we were in the cafe Marnie started talking about cherry cakes and asked me if we could make cakes when we get home. Before going back to the car we went back into the shop to buy some cherries.

When we got home we made the cherry cakes. I use a really simple recipe of 2oz of sugar, flour and butter per egg. We used 2 eggs and made 8 large cakes. Marnie really enjoyed putting the cupcake cases into the tins and mixing the cherries into the mixture.

Of course, we both had to sample the cake mix before washing up! Marnie also really enjoyed helping me with the washing up.

After cake making Marnie enjoyed joining in with the yoga on Waybuloo. Then she had some lunch (sandwich, cheese and crisps - she asks for the same thing everyday!) and went up to bed for a nap. Luckily she still naps for an hour and a half at least each day, however it's getting more of a battle to get her to go down even though she definitely still needs it!

While Marnie napped I had some playtime with Polly. She doesn't tend to nap very much during the day. If she's happy entertaining herself I'll do some cooking, tidying or work if not I'll sit and play with her and watch something on Netflix or catch up on YouTube videos.

As Marnie had enjoyed washing up so much I set her up a little washing up station in the kitchen so she could play while I cooked dinner. She loved it, so much that she took all her clothes off and climbed into the water. While she was playing I cooked Mac and Cheese for dinner, unfortunately I had to do this one handed as Polly was not a happy baby. Cooking Mac and Cheese one handed is NOT easy!

Polly was still very grizzly so I took her out for a walk to get her to go off to sleep so we could eat dinner in peace! It didn't take long as she hadn't really napped all day.

After dinner, Marnie had a bath. Shes got her plastic eggs from Easter in the bath at the moment which she really likes playing with. She also loves the jug we use to wash her hair. She was pouring water from the jug into the eggs.

After her bath she had a story with Daddy and went to bed. I lay in bed and fed Polly and she settled down and went to sleep. Then Sam and I watched Masterchef and ate some of the cherry cakes!

So, that's a typical day in the life for us at the moment. If you liked this post let me know and I'll do a more exciting day in the life in the future!

The beautiful bows Marnie is wearing in this post were very kindly gifted to her by the lovely team over at Paws Made Me. If you are after pretty (mostly very sparkly) bows for your little one pop over to their facebook page and have a look.



  1. Sounds like the perfect day to me!
    Oh how we will miss all this when they are grown and flown!
    Kate (


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