Rainbow Spaghetti

Hi there,

Marnie can be a bit of wimp when it comes to getting things on her hands. If she does she wants you to wipe them clean straight away! To encourage her to explore some new textures I decided to make her some rainbow spaghetti. I gave Marnie the option of which colours she would like, she chose blue, pink and orange.

I recently purchased THIS set of food colouring from Amazon so that I could dye rice, spaghetti and pasta and use them for cake making! After attending a workshop about messy play recently I realise it is more effective to use more expensive and better quality food colouring.

The process of colouring the spaghetti is really simple, all you need to do is cook the spaghetti as per the instructions on the packet. You then need to split it in to how many different colours you want. To stop my hands getting too messy I put the spaghetti into sandwich bags but you could put it into bowls. You then add a small amount of oil and food colouring and rub around until all the spaghetti is covered.

I left it to dry for a couple of hours. It was still quite slimy due to the oil but I checked to make sure the colouring didn't rub off on me before letting Marnie play with it.

I gave her some training chopsticks (which she calls walking sticks!!), a fork and a bowl to play with. She enjoyed picking the spaghetti up using the tools and putting them into the bowl.

When putting the spaghetti into the bowl she told me she was making me a birthday cake! We talked about the colours of the spaghetti and how it felt to touch. Marnie also picked up 'big bits' and 'small bits' of spaghetti and broke some of the pieces 'in half'. She also tried to re-separate it back into the individual colours but that was fighting a losing battle!!

Have you ever tried making rainbow spaghetti? What was your little ones favourite colour?



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