Tadpoles for toddlers

Hi there,

There's a new (well probably about 100!) addition to the Hayman house hold.

Yes, we are now proud owners of one tank of tadpoles. My dad has a couple of ponds in his garden and gets frogspawn in one of them every year. We were a little late getting hold of it so they have already hatched.

Marnie was very excited to see the tadpoles. When she first saw the tank she wanted to touch them - I have a massive phobia of fish (I know they are not fish but similar) and more specifically fish out of water or being touched by a fish, so putting fingers in the tank with just Mummy around is a definite no. So, she settled for touching the glass! She talked about them being small, she said 'aww, they're so cute' a lot and told me that they were wiggling.

She knows that they will turn into frogs when they get bigger. I have shown her the life cycle of a frog and plan to print out/draw a version of it so it can be stuck up by the tank for her to look at.

We're not sure if this will work, or how many will turn in to frogs but its an interesting experiment and such a good thing for Marnie to learn about.

Have you ever had tadpoles before?



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