January 29, 2018

Hi there,

I have started to think about different themes I can explore with the girls (mostly Marnie at this stage but as she gets older Polly will be able to join in to). I started by grabbing a notebook and writing a list of possible themes. I used to work in a nursery so got some inspiration from the time I had there, I also spoke to my husband and my mum to see if they had any ideas. I follow a couple of accounts on instagram about play (play.hooray and the_play_at_home_mummas) so I had a scroll through their accounts to look for inspiration.

Once I had a list of themes I racked my brains for things we could do that link to those themes. The activities I came up with ranged from days out to things we can do at home either inside or in the garden. I don't always want to be spending a lot of money on activities for us to do because I am on maternity leave and that means not much disposable cash (not that we have loads spare when I'm working anyway!!), also I'm still adapting to life with two so trying to get out the house with a 9 week old who has a completely random routine and a toddler who is partial to a tantrum isn't always the easiest so some days we just need some time at home, so finding activities we can do at home with things around the house was really important.

After exhausting my creative powers to come up with activities I headed over to Pinterest. I created a board for each theme I had come up with and started to Pin. As you can see from my boards I haven't done loads of pinning and some boards are empty but this is a work in progress!

Check out my Pinterest HERE!

I'd love to hear any other theme ideas you may have, or activities relating to my themes!


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