Wet Woodland Walk at Blackwood Forest

February 03, 2018

Hi there,

So, I never knew Blackwood Forest even existed but it turns out it is a beautiful spot for a walk just 20 minutes away from my house in Basingstoke. It is actually owned by Forest Holidays who offer 60 luxury cabins on the site however local residents are able to park up and go for walks in the lovely woodland.

Next to the car park is a cafe (which I'm told serves amazing pizza!), cycle hire, a small children's park and a bug hotel!

Despite the awful weather forecast (2 degrees and pouring rain!) we decided to put on our waterproofs and go anyway!

Marnie had a lovely time running about in the woods with Nanny, Grandad and Sherbie. We talked to her about the trees, leaves and moss and she really enjoyed climbing on tree trunks! I was hoping we'd see some mushrooms to link this in with our vegetable theme but we didn't see any.

I took Polly in the sling which I would definitely recommend doing if you have a little one as it is not very pushchair friendly (as you would expect!)

After our walk Marnie had a little play in the park, her favourite thing to do was catch and eat raindrops!

We had a really lovely time and will definitely go back. I think this would be the perfect place for a picnic in the summer!


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  1. This looks like such a lovely place to visit, and that bug hotel is awesome!!

    1. It was lovely. Plan on having a better look at the bug hotel next time we go as we wanted to keep moving today!!!



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