Potato Painting

February 01, 2018

Hi there,

The theme we are focusing on this week is vegetables. I think we will carry it on into next week too as we've had a few days out, so haven't done as many activities as I would have hoped yet.

The reason I have chosen to focus on vegetables is to encourage Marnie to eat them more! She has always been a good eater but unfortunately over Christmas and New Year she was poorly and ended up becoming a bit of a pain with her meals. The last week or so she has been much better so I thought if we explore vegetables a bit more then it may help!

The first activity we have done is Potato Painting. This is such a simple and easy activity to do and pretty inexpensive.

I was in Mothercare last week when I saw a set of finger paints in pots, I thought these would be perfect for this activity. There were 6 different paints in the set, all lovely bright colours.

This time I kept it simple and just cut a few potatoes in half (mostly because Marnie was excitedly hanging off my leg while I prepared!) however, if we were to do it again I would cut shapes into the potatoes and use all sorts of different vegetables such as corn, peppers and broccoli.

Marnie really enjoyed dipping the potatoes in to the pots and then stamping them on her paper. We talked about the colours and the different sizes off the potatoes.

She wasn't so sure about getting on her fingers though and this caused a few tears!

I found this was a great activity to do, great for discussing colours, shapes, sizes and numbers. Also getting little ones used to new textures and feelings on their hands!

After the activity Marnie helped me to wipe up the mess on the table (I must get a table cloth!!!) and washed her hands in bubbly water.

I think she really enjoyed doing this, she found it funny that she was using potatoes to paint with when normally she would eat them.


P.S - I have realised that so far I have only written blog posts with titles beginning with P.. I'll be more adventurous next time!!!

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