February 09, 2018

Hi there,

So this doesn't fit in with our vegetable theme but I ordered some Aquabeads for Marnie and couldn't wait to play with them!

They are really simple to use, we just poured a cap full in to a tray of water, they take between 4-24 hours to expand. I added a couple more cap fulls at different times so that there were different sized beads for her to play with.

Yes, Marnie is wearing a cream bridesmaids dress whilst playing with them! It is her aunties from when she was little, Marnie often wears it as she wants to look like me in my wedding dress!

I gave Marnie a cup and a big spoon to use with them. Initially she was filling the cup and pouring the beads and water back out.

Then she was using the spoon to scoop up the beads and put them into the cup, or use her hands to pick them up and put them in the cup. She would then push her hand down into the cup to make the beads spill out.

Whilst playing with them Bing was on the television in the background and they were making ice creams so Marnie asked me to help her make an ice cream with her beads. We used the cup as a cone and filled it up with beads. After this Marnie told me the beads were sharks and kept shouting 'ow, ow' when they were 'biting' her!

I found this to be a great activity to do with Marnie, she talked about the colours of the beads, the different sizes and she did lots of counting too (counting to 10 is currently her favourite thing!)

All the while we were playing Polly just chilled out in her chair watching her big sister! Polly doesn't tend to sleep much in the day so activities that she can watch while she's too little to join in are great!

Aquabeads or 'unglebeads' as Marnie calls them (no idea why!) were a great success and we will certainly be getting them out again! Also they are crazily satisfying to play with so I will be playing with them again too!

The Aquabeads we used can be purchased HERE!

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