January 24, 2018

Hi there,

I'm Lottie, mum to Marnie (aged 2) and Polly (8 weeks). I am currently on maternity leave from my admin job. My first maternity leave was spent cuddling a baby and watching box sets on Netflix. This time its not quite so relaxing...  I'm currently sitting on my living room floor typing with one hand, feeding a baby and waiting for the toddler to wake up from her nap!

So far parenting two has been eventful... Polly had a rather interesting arrival (that's a story for another day!!), followed by Christmas and then a week long stay for Polly and I in hospital. Things have been so crazy it must have been hard for Marnie to adjust to not having all our attention all the time.

I want Marnie to have a bit more structure in her day so that she continues to learn and develop. I started to look in to sending her to pre-school for a couple of mornings a week but, stupidly, didn't realise that in the area we live you pretty much have to put a childs name down from birth to get them a place. So I've decided that in our house we will have a theme each week and have set activities around this theme. To make sure I do this and stick to this I'm starting this blog. I'll record our activities and what Marnie (and Polly as she gets older) makes of them.

I'm excited to start recording our memories and maybe provide some inspiration to others too.


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