Baby Essentials: 0-3 Months

Hi there,

Polly is now 3 months old and I thought I would write a post about my newborn essentials. Polly is my second baby and what I would consider essentials this time are very different to what I would have said for Marnie.

Obviously 'essentials' vary from family to family depending on your needs, however these are the things we have found useful.

Baby Carrier
With Marnie I always put her in her a pram when we went out but I didn't have a two year old to chase after then. It's so much easier just to pop Polly in her carrier (we have the close caboo) than to have to figure out what I should do with a pram when Marnie runs off! Polly definitely prefers being in her carrier to being in the pram.

Angel Care Bath Seat
We used this for Marnie but I don't think we bought it until she was about 3 months old. With Polly we have used it from her first bath and she loves it! I don't think I've ever seen someone so happy about bath time!

Baby Bouncer Chair
Polly loves her bouncer chair. I got this for Marnie from Asda but she actually preferred her bean bag. Polly is the opposite. She much prefers the enclosed feeling the chair gives her.

MAM Soothers
Marnie didn't have a dummy, she just wasn't a sucky baby. Neither was Polly until she was 5 weeks old. She spent a week in hospital with a severe case of bronchiolitis. For 2 days she was in high dependency so was fed by IV. During this time she just wouldn't settle, she was missing the comfort she got from feeding so we gave her a dummy. Initially she had a NUK one however none of the supermarkets near us stock them and as she occasionally uses a MAM bottle we decided to switch to these.

I absolutely love having this crib attached to our bed. In the night I just reach over and bring Polly in to our bed when she needs a feed and then move her back, although sometimes she does sleep in our bed for cuddles!*

Play Mat
Polly is a ridiculously active child. She rolled over at 12 weeks, is that normal? So in our house her play mat is getting a lot of use!! The one we have is from Mothercare and we bought it when Marnie was born.

Perfect Prep Machine
Polly is breastfed so this doesn't get too much use at the moment but with Marnie it really was the best thing we had, so I thought I would just pop it in here! It's a fantastic machine that filters and heats water to the right temperature to make up a bottle with formula. It was definitely a lifesaver when we were making up bottles for Marnie.

Is there anything you have found essential that I haven't included here?


* We realised very early on that Polly liked and needed to be close to us to sleep so we looked into safe ways of co-sleeping. Whenever Polly is in our bed we ensure we follow the safe sleeping guidelines.


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