BLW Review: Bibado

Hi there,

So next up in my series of posts about baby led weaning is a review of the fantastic Bibado! We were very kindly sent a Bibado to review when we started weaning with Polly. Please note this post does contain an affiliate link.

The Bibado is the only bib that straps to the high chair, this means that pesky gap where endless bits of food get dropped is covers. The Bibado is brilliant because it...

- Saves you time - less washing, cleaning, changing, sweeping and mopping is involved when Polly wears her Bibado! When she is done eating, I remove the Bibado and put it in a sink of warm water and washing up liquid to soak.

- Is baby safe. It is free from free from BPA, Phthalates and Azo-dyes.

- Catches all spilages meaning your baby is ready to go as soon as they have finished eating.

- You can take it anywhere with you. It folds into a small internal pocket. This is particularly handy if you've been eating out, you can just fold away the mess until you get home!

- Works with any high chair - tray or not! At home we use the IKEA Antilop highchair which is ideal for baby led weaning. It's completely plastic so is very easy to clean!

- Is waterproof and stain resistant. This is particularly handy if you have a little one that likes to fling their cup of water around!

Not only is the Bibado itself a brilliant product, the Bibado website is full of weaning information!

I love using the Bibado, it certainly makes cleaning up after meal times a lot quicker. At the moment we eat in the garden quite a lot and where it has been so hot Polly has often been eating in just her nappy. I know we will use it even more when we are eating inside again as it certainly saves on cleaning the floor!

I also love the adorable design. Marnie loved the design too and thought Polly looked very cute in it!

Bibado have an amazing 25% discount offer on at the moment, click here to buy yours! (If the 25% offer is no longer on when you read this post you can use the code LOTTIE for 10% off!)



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