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Cloud Sand

March 08, 2018

Hi there,

Polly is currently poorly with bronchiolitis (again!) so is requiring a lot of my attention therefore I wanted to make something quick and easy for Marnie to play with. I decided to make some Cloud Sand for her. It's such a simple recipe.

You need 8 parts of flour to 1 part oil. I used 4 cups of plain flour and half a cup olive oil. You can use any type of oil - vegetable oil, coconut oil or baby oil are other alternatives.

I gave Marnie a few kitchen utensils, some bowls, straws and pasta to play with in her cloud sand.

She has really enjoyed it. She's made breakfast, lunch and dinner using it. She's spent time moving the sand between the different spoons and containers I gave her and she's used the pasta and straws to make shapes and marks in the sand.

This is a really simple activity you can do with things that you most probably have lying around the house!

Apologies for the lack of pictures with this post, I was mostly dealing with an unhappy baby whilst Marnie entertained herself!

Also, how great is this tray... £1.95 from Ikea!!!


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