Mess Free Window Painting

March 26, 2018

Hi there,

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately, we've been battling with poor Polly's bronchiolitis and colic along with her waking every two hours at night so I've not had much of a chance to write. I've also been so tired and using any spare minute I can find to rest.

While Polly has been poorly I've been all for a quick and easy activity for Marnie! I've updated her tactile tray so it is now Easter themed using items I bought in Tiger.

As before, it has given her hours of fun! You can find my post on how to make your own tactile tray HERE.

Another really easy activity that Marnie has been enjoying is Window Painting. You may see the words window and painting put together and think 'oh no, definitely not for me!' but trust me it is largely mess free!

You will need:

  • Sandwich bags - we used large Ikea ones
  • Paint 
  • Tape

All you need to do is fill the bags with paint, this is something your child may be able to help with. Then make sure they are properly sealed and tape them up on the window.

As I have mentioned before Marnie is not great with getting things on her hands so this was ideal to get her used to the feeling without the mess!

We did lots of mark making and I showed her the letter 'M' and she tried to copy it.

The bags have been up on our window since Friday and are still going strong. I quite like having them up there as she can just keep going back to them when she wants to - although she worries me quite often when I'm feeding Polly and she suddenly shouts 'Mummy, I've got red on my hands!!!'

You could also try this activity with different items in the bag such as water and glitter or maybe some coloured spaghetti.

What are your favourite mess free activities?


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  1. What a great idea! My youngest would like this mess-free element...as would my hubby! Haha! x

    1. My husband is a fan of the mess free factor too! I hope you enjoy if you try! Lottie x



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