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Let it snow... again!

March 18, 2018

Hi there

Down in Basingstoke we've woken to another covering of snow, so I've quickly written a post with a few snow activities to give you some inspiration of things to do today! 

Marnie is actually staying with her Nanny and Grandad this weekend so I won't be able to do these with her so I'd love to see your pictures! If you post any on instagram or twitter use the hashtag #haymanssnowplay so I can have a look!!

Last time it snowed I had a tray of ice which I put snow on and put Marnie's Frozen characters on for her to play with.

You could put anything on it, maybe plastic animals that live in the cold (or warm even, Marnie would find that funny!). 

How about using bowls and spoons and making a snow kitchen? Serve up your favourite ice cream treats, just made with snow!

Fill up all those calpol syringes you have lying about with a bit of food colouring and water and use them to paint the snow. This is great as it can be done inside or out.

Go out on an adventure - wrap up warm, pack a bag like you're real arctic explorers and go out for a walk. If you have one, maybe take a sledge. It took Marnie a little while to get going with her sledge but she loved it in the end!

And of course build a snowman!!! Or if you fancy being a bit different how about a snow version of your childs favourite animal?

Have fun and enjoy the snow and remember to use the hashtag #haymanssnowplay so I can see what you've been up to!


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