Round Up: Easter Play Activities

March 29, 2018

Hi there,

First of all I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who is reading my blog. You may have noticed a little badge over in the side bar. I'm lucky enough to have been chosen as one of MyBump2Baby's favourite bloggers. MyBump2Baby is like the Trip Advisor of the parenting world, it's a really helpful website.

With the long bank holiday weekend looming I thought I would post a quick round up of the Easter Activities we have been enjoying this week. Hopefully it will give you a bit of inspiration if you're going to be spending some time at home.

Tactile Tray

Marnie has been loving her Easter Tactile Tray.

In it I put lots of bits that we got in Tiger. I bought a set of pipe cleaners and pom poms. I cut the pipe cleaners into four shorter bits so they would fit in the tray. I also got some foam Easter stickers and some wooden beads. For more information on how to create a tactile tray click HERE. It's such a simple activity that provides hours of fun!

Sensory Bottle

I made this sensory bottle for Marnie and Polly to play with. Marnie absolutely loves sitting next to Polly and shaking it for her.

I filled our bottle with coloured rice (I will do a post soon on how I dye rice) and items that we also used in the tactile tray. I sealed the top with tape to keep everything inside, which initially caused much annoyance to Marnie!!!

Easter Cards

I won't post pictures of the finished products here as Marnie has decided who she wants to give her Easter cards to but we used the bits we bought from Tiger a long with some larger foam rabbits and Easter stickers to decorate them.

Marnie really enjoyed this activity as she got to use glue. She spent the rest of the day asking to do sticking!

Tuff Trays

We've not got a proper tuff tray, the one we have was £1.95 from Ikea and is a bit smaller so easier to store when not in use. I may well pick up another one next time I go. It does the trick though!

In the trays we have been using the foam bunnies and pom poms which we got from Tiger, an egg and spoon race set from Tesco and plastic eggs, chicks and shredded paper from Asda. Also one of our egg storage boxes and an egg cup.

Marnie loved opening up the eggs and putting pom poms or shredded paper into them. She was trying to match up the colours of the pom poms to the eggs she was filling. You could set this up as a colour or counting activity but I just let Marnie have it as a free play activity.

Also planned this weekend we have Easter baking and a couple of egg hunts!

What have you got planned this weekend?


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